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Clarissa Bronfman

Green Agate, Diamond, Emerald Heart Pendant Rosary

Green Agate, Diamond, Emerald Heart Pendant Rosary

This necklace as an entire piece is a token of LOVE.

Starting with the diamond and silver intricate heart pendant. Inside the heart, are symbols of crescent moons, hearts, and stars. The pendant has a diamond and silver loop on top, allowing for this pendant to be used onto other necklaces/chains.

The 37" (all over circular length) green onyx 14kgold rosary, is a signature piece designed to be as versatile as possible. One can double loop this rosary necklace to make it appear shorter. 14k gold links hold these beads together securely. There is a diamond, silver, emerald tumbler bead half way down. The diamond, silver heart clasp has a unique/secure feature allowing for your to change/add on more pendants/charms.

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